Groom Box

Groom Box

Groom Box-  $43 (not subscription based, single-one time box)

**Ships between the 15th and 20th of each month**

*products pictured are examples, and may not reflect the exact contents of your package

Are you a groom and envy your bride's monthly Tulle boxes from Tulle La La, or are you the bride and want your Groom to be as prepared and pampered as you are? Are you a friend or family of the groom and want to give an amazing gift? Well, whatever the case may be, as a Groom, the Limited Edition Groom Box is the opportunity to indulge in one month of preparation and pampering from Tulle La La. Similar to our Bride subscriptions, the exact contents of the Groom Box will be a surprise, but the Tulles (gifts) will be related to providing the groom with wedding journey must haves, preparing the Groom, and even tulles to help the groom make the few decisions he has to make on his own!  The Groom Box will also include advice specially targeted for the groom, all packaged in a festive box! Limited quantities available.


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